Thursday, July 29, 2010

1st Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school. I can't believe a new school year is starting. Boy it goes by fast when your not the one in school. Abby is now in 4th grade with Mrs. Quinterro, and Paige is in 1st grade with Mrs. Cummard. They were so excited to go back to school. I guess I'm not too exciting at home. I have to say it is much quieter around the house with them back at school. But they definetely are missed. Maren keeps asking when she gets to start school. she definetely misses them being around. It was fun to see how excited they were to go to school. Paige woke up at 6 and got dressed and was already to go to school. Before she left she came up to me and asked when she got out of school and I told her 2:40, and she replied "love you mom see you at 2:40." It was so cute. It's so nice when they are excited to get up and get ready. Come the end of the year it'll be like pulling teeth to get them up I'm sure. I'm glad they like school though. They came home and said it was the best first day ever. I asked Paige if she met any new friends and she said yes Ben he is my friend and I am his too. She is a crack up! She sure makes me laugh. When Abby got home she kept repeating her teachers name, trying to say it how her teacher does, with her rolling r's. Its was so cute to listen to her trying so hard to say it properly. Maybe by the end of the year she'll have it down. Today I got an email from Abby's teacher saying she is a sweet girl and a great help and has good manners. I'm glad I've taught her something. At least she has manners for other people. These girls are such good girls I'm to be their mom.


Leefamlee Treasures said...

Fun to follow your family! I can't believe how BIG and darling your kiddos are!

Unknown said...

Fonzie!!! I bet you haven't been called that in a while, have you?! It's me, Satina! I found you! LOL! I have to say, you have a BEAUTIFUL family and you haven't changed a bit! Still as gorgeous as ever. It looks like you have a great life and I am so happy for you! Stop by our blog sometime! Feel free to e-mail too ( I know that is quite daring to put that up, but oh well. I hope to hear from you soon!